All the Things

It’s been a few months since my last journal update, and I thought I’d give you a summary version of all the things going on here.

Peace for all People

Please keep Dan and me in your prayers while we meet with students and share our ministry stories and tools  at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Beirut, LEBANON. 

Where in the World is Lauran?

As I write this, I’m home, in The Netherlands, having stayed here for one of the longest periods of time since becoming a Global Consultant!

International Ministries logo Efua from Togo!

I sit with 4 books open under a mosquito net on my bed in Togo attempting to translate scripture from English to Ewe and back again. Two hours, Two partial scriptures!:)

Helping in the Flood

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas I was on the other side of the world doing conflict transformation training in Sri Lanka, a country that had been torn by a 26-year long civil war.


As September is nearly upon us (Tomorrow), during my morning devotions I realized how disappointed I am. I asked “Why am I disappointed?”, or “What is the feeling i have and why is it causing me associate it with disappointment?”.