International Ministries logo | The Nest is Empty

So the nest is empty. As we write this (20 August 2015), our two older ones, Alisa and Silas, are taking their little brother, our youngest, Sam, over to Virginia from Indiana to get settled into college.

| Our Upcoming Programs

Here’s a glimpse of our upcoming programs.  If you are near any of these please come and let us personally thank you!  If you’d like to set up a gathering please contact us.

| House Church Movement

In 1998 a government school teacher, ‘Paul’ (name changed for security) from a closed community, heard the Gospel and committed his life to the Lordship of Jesus through the radio ministry of the CBCNEI. 

| Friendship through Prayer

There is a beautiful exchange between Jesus and his disciples recorded in John 15:15. Jesus has just finished teaching his followers about how he is the vine and they are the branches, a metaphor depicting the interdependent relationship between Christ and his followers.

| Rejoicing with Joy and Singing

I landed at the airport in Habana and went through customs. The airport seemed like an image out of the past and I felt a little apprehensive.

| Mitendi Baptism

I love baptisms! On a Saturday in June, I had the honor of witnessing the baptism of seven of our Mitendi girls! When we headed out of Kinshasa to the church early Saturday morning, I thought we were going to see only our girls baptized.