The Midwives of Mombin

We just returned home from Mombin Crochu, a remote town in the barren mountains of northeast Haiti.

The Well-beeing of All Creation

Our late friend, Pastor Francisco Catrin, asked us to help a neighbor of his in Llongahue, Adolfo. When we walked into his bee-yard, it felt like stepping back into time.

Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches Leadership Conference

Only a water boy. Have you ever thought about the importance and impact of serving from a position of humility like that of a water boy on a sports team?

Preparing for Service

Gethsemane Bible School is a small school located on the Thailand-Burma border and right now has about 34 students studying there.

Back Home in Thailand for Christmas

I am back in Thailand (as of Dec. 12) and wanted to start off this long-overdue prayer letter with a word of thanks to all who helped make my 3 months in America so good.

New Van for Women’s Ministry in Haiti

Finally! The sturdy new van destined for Kihomi Nzunga’s use with women in Haiti has finally arrived. After many issues were resolved and thanks to much prayer, Kihomi took possession of the sturdy vehicle last Friday.