South Africa COVID-19 Update

In South Africa, we are now through our second wave of COVID with the variant strain.  A third wave is predicted.  The first 85,000 doses of single dose Johnson and …

Telugu Baptist Samaikyatha

Telugu Baptist Samaikyatha Third Zoom Meeting
David Sagar
February 22, 2021

From “Why Not?” to “Yes Lord, Use Me”

“I never would have guessed that a 5-day virtual mission trip would have impacted me as powerfully as it did” said June Bunce, one of the pioneers of this first 5-Day virtual Discovery Mission Express to Lebanon, sponsored by the Short-Term Mission team at International Ministries.

Bible in Times of Global Pandemic

Bible in Times of Global Pandemic
Benjamin Chan
February 19, 2021

Mission Express to Latvia, Ukraine & Russia

Registration for this up-coming virtual Discovery trip to Latvia, Ukraine and Russia is closed. We are humbled by the interest. There are 15 of us preparing for this unique virtual Mission Express, facilitated by the Short-Term Mission Office and the Europe Desk.

The Power of Community

The English Bible study community has become like family to many students who attend the university.