| Cold Days Warm Hearts

Jesus is alive and at work in the world! We celebrate this message of hope and can see Christ at work all around us.

| The “Unsettling” Stage

When I was at my cross-cultural training last summer we focused one of our days on transition. I learned that there are five stages of transition. First is called the settled stage, second is the unsettled stage, third is the chaos stage, fourth is the re-settling stage, and lastly is the “new” settled stage. I feel that I am in the unsettling stage of transition.

| Times of Transition

Today I once again find myself in a time of transition from one career to the next, from one season to the next, and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts with you.

| A Glimpse into the Life of an MK (Julia Witmer)

I’ve probably said this a hundred times, and I’ll say it a hundred more — saying goodbye to friends is really, really hard.

| Freeman Fall 2018 Newsletter
| An unexpected friend