| Pineapples of Gratitude
| Small Money, Big Results

I met Lunie in 2011. She was very bright and had a plan. She had even written a business plan, but there was a problem. To get a loan from a Haitian bank was almost impossible. If you did get it, you would pay 30% interest or more. A donor stepped forward and gave her a $1000. Look what that seed money has done!

| Urgent Request

A call to help a young college student whose mother was recently kidnapped and murdered.

| Kanto Gakuin University

Do you serve yourself, or do you serve others, and what is your motivation? Let’s try to “hit ni are hush sego” according to Nita Bryan, who is on a short-term mission assignment at Kanto Gakuin University.

| Rwanda Ministries, by Revs. Suzi and Jim Harriff

“Ubuntu n’amahoro” Grace and peace be with you, as you come alongside Revs. Suzi & Jim Harriff when they lead short-term mission teams to Rwanda. The hands, feet and hearts of short-term servants help in kingdom building from New York state to Rwanda.

| Bonjour de Vanga from Short-Term Servant Tara C. Jones

Tara C. Jones has returned to Vanga to serve on a short-term mission assignment. She is a nurse midwife, trainer, serving alongside The Rices at the Vanga Evangelical Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. God continues to mold special hands to serve and receive.