Serving on Short-Term Missions

Short-Term missions have been part of International Ministries for over fifty years. The STM office follows and upholds the guidelines set by the Standard of Excellence. It is a code of best practice for short-term mission sending agencies put together by SOE, Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission accreditation agency ( If you would like to serve alongside our long-term global servants, the STM team is here to facilitate the process.

How Many Pizzas Does It Take to Thank 47 Young Sunday School Teachers?

Sunday afternoon, in spite of all the protests in Goma and surrounding areas, the Sunday School teachers were blessed with time together… to celebrate young people moving up in positions …

637 Pair of Shoes

What does 637 pair of shoes look like? A lot of work. But thanks to so many of you who care for the children here in Goma, every child who …

Fall Update 2019

Greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand! As most of you know, from August 29 – November 4, I traveled far and wide throughout the United States. The picture above gives you an idea of my route.


Hope is defined as “to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence” and “to believe, desire, and trust.” How fitting it is that in the first week of Advent …

Recovery Efforts in The Bahamas

Emotional, spiritual and physical healing will take time for anyone impacted by the September hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. The churches in Nassau have responded with enormous generosity to some of the physical needs the evacuees face. Teachers, counselors, pastors attempt to attend to the psycho-social needs. The Body of Christ joins hands and feet to be present in light of needs expressed by the Bahamas Baptist Convention.