Mirando hacia adelante

Seven months into this world crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a comfort to know that we can still move forward. With certainty in my heart I can say that up to this point the Lord has helped us and comforted us so that we can help, comfort, and console others.

More Than a Building

The church is a community of disciples who passionately want to share the love and hope of Christ.

Jae’s Ministry Update: “On the threshold of her adventure”

Greetings friends, It has been exciting and gratifying to see God’s hand in her achievement of one milestone after another until… Here she is!!


“Stand at the crossroads and look” says the prophet Jeremiah. Where are you standing? What are you discerning as it pertains to Kingdom building in cross-cultural mission? God’s mission is alive with Short-Term Mission.


“Wow, Pastor!  It felt like we were right there with Jesus!” The conversation after the message was lively.  The pastor had just invited his listeners to get to know the …

Las preguntas de Ángel Eloy | Angel Eloy’s Questions

Ángel Eloy Jaén came to our School Tutoring Program beginning his second grade. He is the grandson of a family whose 5 children had already gone through the program when they were young. Today they are responsible young adults, already working and some of them parents.