Coming to the US

We’re coming to the U.S. and we want to see you! After 1 year in France and 2 years in Congo, we are coming to the United States for our …

Piece by Piece

The picture of a puzzle coming together is an appropriate image for Christians. God has the whole picture in mind. Yet, we can only now see a part of it.

Ten people, two goats, two water buffalo, one calf and hope for a better future.

This is a story of long-term, sustainable economic development made possible by gifts to the OGHS Nepal Earthquake Relief fund, and the unlikely team that God put together to get the job done.

Savory saints

“If salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it?  Have salt in yourselves…” Mark 9:50

The Triangle of Life / El Triángulo de la Vida

Al mirar nuestra nueva asignación a Colombia, nos emociona y alienta esta oportunidad que Dios nos da. // When we look at our new assignment to Colombia, we are excited and encouraged by the opportunity God is providing.

A note of thanks

The Short-Term Mission team thanks all volunteers who serve in cross cultural global settings and are ambassadors of peace, love and mercy on behalf of IM.