Transformed by Worship

Worship is a time for God to transform our heart, one should be transformed by worship. Within our workshop this is what we wanted all of the attendees to learn. That was our teaching goal.

Freeman Spring Newsletter

Spring 2018 Prayer Newsletter   Persecution of Turkish Christians   The fellowship of Turkish churches puts together an annual report of the various attempts to frighten and intimidate the Christian …

जय मसीह Jai Masee! or Namastē! ???

“How do I say ‘hello’ in Nepali to the partners I am to meet in Nepal?” It was a casual enough question (or so I thought) posed to my fellow travelers and IM development workers, Carole Sydnor and Debbie Mulneix, as we landed in Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital city of Kathmandu.

The Windows

God opened my eyes, ears and heart to what is along the many canals, beautiful facades and historical buildings in Amsterdam.

Tulips & Trafficking, 2018 Discovery Trip

Learning about the issues of human trafficking and prostitution took one member of the team from the comfort of her home in Fargo(ND) to the streets of Amsterdam and Haarlem (The Netherlands).

Lost in the List

I don’t know about you, but I am a list person. I have always operated off a list or calendar to keep me focused and on task. The great thing about a list is I can write it down and forget it and then go to my list for reminders. The down side to a list is that I often live my life focused on the list! I often measure my day or judge my day based on how many tasks I accomplished from my list.