| “These people?”

My friend, whom we’ll call Manny, is no stranger to religious and ethnic conflicts. Manny lives in a place where tensions between different racial, ethnic and religious communities run high—and the flames are often fanned by people seeking power of various kinds.

| Overcoming the Odds ~ April 2016

Growing up in Minnesota, I was taught that it is not nice to brag. But maybe just this once. . .

| This Is Our Time

I am writing this letter from the shores of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the mountainous border between Congo and Rwanda. Ann is in the United …

| Praying Without Ceasing

Dear Praying Friends and Faithful Supporters, A little different format for you all this time—I hope you find it easier to read and more interesting. It’s just about two weeks …

| Making History This Black History Month

For African Americans in global mission, this Black History Month has been a historic one in the life of IM as we seek to engage the Black Community of faith to be part and parcel of our missional movement.

| Renewed spirits and God´s guidance in Costa Rica

This past weekend, twelve Costa Rican women´s ministries team members gave up their weekend for a working retreat (after working our “day jobs” all week).