| Obesity: A Global Problem

Once common only in wealthy nations, obesity now is on an alarming rise in underdeveloped countries as well. Globally, obesity rates have doubled since 1980.

| Practical Differences

There are times when you wonder….”Did they say what I think they did?” Really, everyone goes through that at one time or another, right?

| The Midwives of Mombin

We just returned home from Mombin Crochu, a remote town in the barren mountains of northeast Haiti.

| The Well-beeing of All Creation

Our late friend, Pastor Francisco Catrin, asked us to help a neighbor of his in Llongahue, Adolfo. When we walked into his bee-yard, it felt like stepping back into time.

| Alliance of Asian American Baptist Churches Leadership Conference

Only a water boy. Have you ever thought about the importance and impact of serving from a position of humility like that of a water boy on a sports team?

| Preparing for Service

Gethsemane Bible School is a small school located on the Thailand-Burma border and right now has about 34 students studying there.