Pray for Kathy and Tim Rice helping train nursing and medical students for Christ-centered, whole person care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Rice’s vision is to train the next generation of Congolese doctors and nurses in Christ-centered, whole-person care, empowering them to use the limited resources available to restore life and health across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Pray for Hermelinda & Jorge Damasceno reaching out for Christ to Portuguese speaking people in Great Britain.

Jorge and Hermelinda are associate missionaries who are assisting churches of the Baptist Union of Great Britain reach out to the communities of Portuguese-speaking migrant workers in the region.

Pray for Mylinda Baits serving as a global consultant for Training through Restorative Arts

Mylinda is a pastoral artist and trainer partnering with IM colleagues, national church leadership and social change organizations to seek justice, healing and transformation through restorative art and creative expression.

Parajon Family 2012 Pray for David and Laura Parajon empowering people in Nicaragua to improve health in the name of Jesus.

Drs David and Laura Parajon work to make sure preventive and curative health services get to remote and vulnerable communities through the training and support of health promoters who serve where there is no doctor.

Pray for Ingrid Roldan-Roman serving in Panama, working with the students and their relatives in evangelism, social development and pastoral care.

Ingrid directs a tutoring and feeding program for elementary and high school students who have fallen behind in their studies. The program is held at Ingrid’s house

Pray for David and Joyce Reed, regional missionaries to Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, with ministry focus on spiritual renewal, spiritual formation and vocational calling.

Joyce and David serve as regional missionaries which is rooted in the concern that Christians around the world have become a very busy people who have lost sight of the movement of the Spirit.