Global – Peacemakers Mentoring Project

This project provides intensive workshops to equip dozens of church and community leaders with conflict transformation skills.

Global – Medical Equipment, Education and Medication

A global health care services mission project will provide our resource-lacking partners and colleagues with medical equipment, health education and medications.

Liberia – Education for Ebola-Affected Orphans

This project assist 43 children orphaned by Ebola to go to school from kindergarten to graduation.

Global – Conflict Transformation Training

This project trains Christian peacemakers with skills and tools to engage in transformative action in conflict situations.

Global Gifts Coffee and Seedlings Thailand – Coffee Seedlings

300 coffee seedlings and training are helping families in northern Thailand buy food and medicine.

Dominican Republic – Clean Water

This project provides buckets with special clay filters and a five-gallon container to hold the filtered water, providing clean water for approximately 100 families in the Dominican Republic.