| STEP – Burundi

The Evangelical Free Baptist Church of Burundi will provide 10 children with school uniforms and materials. The Student Tuition Expense Program, will help make this possible.

| STEP – Bulgaria

To address problems of unemployment, low income and ethnic discrimination that are experienced by the Roma people, the Sofia Baptist Church has begun to prepare the next generation for a better life through its Literacy Program.

| White Cross – Thailand Kwai River Hospital

This White Cross project seeks to raise $7,500 to help change the quality of patient care by providing important sanitary medical supplies to create a clean environment for healing at the Kwai River ChristianHospital in northern Thailand.

| White Cross – South Africa Galilean Health Kits for Health Builders

This White Cross project seeks to raise $8,000 to equip Health Builders with Galilean Health Kits and training so they can provide good care to the KwaZulu-Natal community.

White Cross - Philippines | White Cross – Philippines

In the Philippines, everyday emergencies for families arise and IM is able to offer a helping hand through our partners to share the love of Christ through your gifts.

| White Cross – Philippine Kits

This White Cross project seeks to raise $20,000 to help the four Christian mission centers minister to women and children struggling with poverty and unemployment.