STEP – Romania

The Obed Day Center provides schooling and programs for the Roma gypsy children. The Student Tuition Education Program provides funds to the Obed Day Center for classroom supplies, snacks, a daily lunch, a backpack and clothing and classroom utilities.

STEP – Panama, Tutoring

This project will help the children to excel in school so that they can have the opportunity for a better future and to learn Biblical principles and develop a relationship with God.

STEP – Mexico, Tijuana

The Student Tuition Expense Program (STEP) will provide scholarship funds to assist children with financial need and children with disabilities.

STEP – Lebanon

Over 1.5 million Syrians have sought refuge in Lebanon, more than half of whom are children, and 70% have no formal education. The Student Tuition Expense Program will give these children the chance for a more stable future through education and improve their sense of well-being.

STEP – General

Children all over the world are in need of supplies so that they can attend school. The Student Tuition Expense Program helps with expenses such as books, tuition, recreational and sports equipment, transportation, uniforms, healthy lunches and snacks, stipends for teachers and classroom supplies.

STEP – Dominican Republic, School Lunch and Supplies

Haitian families work in sugar cane fields to earn a living. Most of the workers dream of a better future for their children. The Student Tuition Expense Program makes it possible for 75 students in kindergarten through eighth grade to have books, backpacks, uniforms, other school supplies and nutritious lunches.