Lebanon – INSAAF Center

This project advocates for the rights of women brought to Lebanon as migrant domestic workers, ministers to those in prison, repatriates those unlawfully imprisoned and provides compassionate care and justice.

Global Gifts Books Mexico – School Uniforms and Books

This project will help 100 students with learning needs and disabilities to be prepared for school by providing school uniforms and books.

STEP – Dominican Republic Education

This project helps families who are struggling to afford the required school uniforms, supplies and monthly fees

STEP – Thailand, Children of Night Light Employees

By paying school fees for the children of NightLight employees, this project will not only help these kids get an education, but also reduce the financial burden on their families so that the women do not feel the need to return to the sex trade to provide for their children.

STEP – Thailand, Chiang Rai

The project will raise the educational level for numerous children and improve the overall standard of living for their communities in rural Thailand.

STEP – Romania

The Obed Day Center provides schooling and programs for the Roma gypsy children. The Student Tuition Education Program provides funds to the Obed Day Center for classroom supplies, snacks, a daily lunch, a backpack and clothing and classroom utilities.