October 4, 2017 Congo – Women’s Surgical Care
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GoalInternational Ministries seeks to raise $70,875 through 2020 to provide 15 women per month a C-section when needed during prolonged childbirth.
SummaryThis project seeks to reduce the Congo's high rate of infant and maternal deaths during childbirth by providing surgical care to women in need of a C-section.
DescriptionThe Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the top five countries with a high maternal death rate. Statistically, one out of every 23 expectant mothers will die during childbirth. Lack of access to competent surgical care is a factor in this serious problem. However, the Vanga Hospital provides care for patients regardless of their ability to pay. With the help of your support, we will provide pre- and postoperative care for mothers and their newborns. When funded, this project will cover the cost of a C-section ($125) for an average of 15 women each month. In three years, this project can directly impact the lives of 1,080 women and their newborns. On average, each woman has an extended family of 15 people—and because these families would otherwise have to cope with surgical bills or the sickness or death of the mother and/or child, this project will impact over 16,000 people.
Suggested Gifts$50 covers pre- and postoperative care for two mothers and their newborns $100 pays for the operating time for a C-section $250 pays for a C-section for two mothers
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Tim Rice and the staff of the Vanga Hospital as they provide compassionate care for the mothers and babies before and after delivery.