Projects December 4, 2017 Ghana – Training for Rescued Slaves
Ghana - Training for Rescued Slaves
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Abolishing Global Slavery Abolishing Global Slavery
GoalInternational Ministries seeks to raise $33,000 for the recovery of 50 girls.
SummaryThe purpose of the project is to provide vocational training for 45 former Trokosi slaves so that they may be self-sufficient contributors to their communities.
DescriptionThe Volta region of Ghana is a hot and difficult place to live and when things turn sour for the community, a young girl is sacrificed for their well-being to the witch doctor. She becomes a slave at a shrine where she is forced into labor and sexual servitude. This practice is called trokosi. However, with your support, a few of its many slaves can obtain help and hope at the center. GBC restores a girl’s dignity and conveys the love of God. As part of learning a trade, the center offers weaving along with education. Upon graduation, the young ladies transition from slave to independent women.
Suggested Gifts$300 would feed a girl for one year $660 per student for basic needs and school supplies during the educational year