October 4, 2017 Global – Conflict Transformation Training
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Peace and Justice Peace and Justice
GoalIM seeks to raise $9,450 per year to provide scholarships for Christian peacemakers to attend 10-day training sessions.
SummaryDan and Sharon Buttry have been engaged in a series of Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers (TCTTs) to equip Christian peacemakers from around the world with the skills and tools for training and engaging in transformative action in conflict situations.
DescriptionIn 2017, the Buttrys and other International Ministries missionaries will lead two of these 10-day trainings, with two more planned for 2018. This project will provide scholarship funds so that Christian peacemakers can attend these trainings. It is anticipated that this project will equip Christian peacemakers for creative leadership in conflict situations throughout the world. These conflicts include wars and post-war reconciliation, ethnic violence, religious persecution, internal Baptist convention conflicts and congregational and family conflicts. Participants will learn skills to constructively intervene in conflicts and train others in conflict transformation. This project will be managed by Dan Buttry, IM’s global consultant for Peace and Justice.
Suggested Gifts$30 provides one day of accommodation and meals for one participant $100 buys flipchart paper for all the workshops $250 provides a plane ticket for a participant from a neighboring country $500 provides a full scholarship for one person
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Dan and Sharon Buttry that all who want to attend these trainings will be enabled to come.