October 4, 2017 Global – Medical Equipment, Education and Medication
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GoalThe goal of this global health care services mission project will provide our resource-lacking partners and colleagues with medical equipment, health education and medications.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $11,000 to provide medications, education, medical equipment and health care supplies to partners and colleagues in resource-deficient areas around the world.
DescriptionThe purpose of the project is to increase the sustainability of disadvantaged health care systems among our global partners. These funds will fill in the gaps where health care services are lacking or where local staff lack ongoing education to provide appropriate care. It is anticipated that, over several years, this project will provide much-needed health care services around the world. This fund will also allow Global Consultant for Health Kristy Engel to purchase medications and supplies for the medical situations in which she is asked to personally participate.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides registration materials for one participant. $100 covers the logistics for one participant. $250 provides a resource person’s honorarium. $500 covers logistics and travel for one resource person
Prayer RequestsPray with Kristy Engel that healing may be brought to many and that our partners will receive the training that is desperately needed.
Managed ByEngel, Kristy