December 4, 2017 Haiti – Agricultural Development
Haiti - Agricultural Development
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GoalThe purpose of the project is provide more than 100 first-year students at the Christian University of Northern Haiti with training plots, facilities for teaching animal husbandry and land for farming demonstrations.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $55,000 to purchase 10 acres of farm land in Haiti.
DescriptionIt is anticipated that this project will improve the overall standard of living for at least half the population of Limbé, Haiti and surrounding communities for years to come. Only 20% of the land in Haiti is fit for agriculture. Nearly 37,000 acres, or 58 square miles, are lost annually due to erosion. Only a third of Haiti’s food is produced within the country. In recent years, most attempts at land reform have failed due to culture and religious clashes. Brunet Robert, dean of agriculture at the Christian University of Northern Haiti (UCNH), is demonstrating the value of soil preservation to current and future farmers. As the UCNH Agriculture Department desires to be relevant to the farmers in the local communities, Robert is faced with the challenge of providing more plots of land to meet the increasing enrollment in his classes.
Prayer RequestsPray with Brunet Robert and UCNH that their efforts to teach soil preservation will lead Haiti to once again be self-sufficient in food production.
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