July 10, 2018 Haiti – Scholarships for Elementary and College Students
Haiti - Scholarships for Elementary and College Students
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GoalThis project seeks to raise $5,000 per year for the next three years to provide scholarships to elementary and college students in Haiti
Summary$5,000 per year will be raised to provide scholarships to help educate elementary and college students. These funds will be a positive step to help these people climb out of poverty and have a future of hope. With prayer and generous support, we plan to continue this program beyond three years.
DescriptionOver the years, we have encountered many college age and primary students who cannot continue on in school because of their circumstances. Almost all the Haitian schools are private and require tuition and uniform fees. This is more than most families can afford so kids just stay home and carry water or work in the fields.

One family has five elementary and middle school age children whose father died when they were all very young. Their mother barely makes enough to feed her family and cannot afford to pay school tuition and fees. Without your generous assistance, these children could not attend school.

Despite a great desire among Haitian children to go to school, 50% of children in Haiti lack the money and resources to get an education. Sixty percent drop out of school after 6th grade.

IM missionary Nancy James carefully and prayerfully evaluates each situation before providing school funds. She believes that helping the poor get an education is an important investment for Haiti and for the children.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $555 will provide one semester of tuition and program support for one student
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for all students in Haiti that they can get the education they need to provide a livelihood for their families.