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Posted on December 21, 2018 Hear God? Respond

This past June, a note of thanks was expressed to all volunteers who register and serve alongside IM global servants in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean.   Did you know that close to 1,000 volunteers  registered with IM to go on short-term mission opportunities in 2018? Over 100 were young adults. How exciting!

What may not be so evident to all who inquire about short-term mission opportunities, is the wealth of experience and knowledge that is part of the Short-Term Mission team at International Ministries. We may not know the specifics of each tribe and/or people group around the world; but the main types of cultures (guit-honor-shame-fear-power) people encounter when they travel, are very familiar to all of us. We help facilitate conversations as part of the orientation sessions and remind volunteers that they have been called by God and sent by The Body of Christ to serve. Many volunteers who have gone on these short-term mission opportunities have answered God’s call to serve long-term with our global partners.

The STM team has in its midst, retired long-term missionaries (Asia & Caribbean) serving as Special Assistants, two finishing graduate seminary students with pastoral, PK, short-term mission experiences in Africa and Asia, two special assistants from MI and NY with extensive team leadership mission experiences, Special Assistants to specific Area Directors, from various ABC regions, with yearly missional team leadership, an MK who has lived in Africa, Europe and Americas and led short-term missions for decades in the US and abroad, and…more. All volunteers except for one full time person and one very part time Administrative Assistant.

Anyone feeling and hearing God’s call, nudge and/or whisper to serve on short-term mission opportunities and who registers with STM, is accompanied by over 50 years of knowledge and skills. Teams and volunteers are encouraged to take advantage of the pre-trip orientation sessions we can offer (via Skype, conference call or in person), the post-trip de-briefings we help facilitate, the free travel insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation and prayers. Truly God is in the mix of this weaving of skills, gifts and blessed talents.

We are grateful that all of you, teens, young adults, seasoned adults, pastors, lay leaders hear God’s call and ask us to come alongside in prayers and for guidance and training sessions. we respond with intentionality and authenticity at a special time, season in your lives. We are blessed to be part of your journeys in an informal mentoring role . We are blessed to share in the ministry of presence with you, following the 7 standards of excellence. It is a code of best practice for short-term mission sending agencies put by SOE, Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission accreditation agency. God weaves us.