Posted on August 27, 2015 House Church Movement
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In 1998 a government school teacher, ‘Paul’ (name changed for security) from a closed community, heard the Gospel and committed his life to the Lordship of Jesus through the radio ministry of the CBCNEI.  Upon completion of the correspondence classes, he was counseled and baptized.  Discerning the Lord’s call to reach out to the people of his community with the Gospel, he resigned from his good paying job and respected position to become a fulltime evangelist.   ‘Paul’ underwent Discipleship and Evangelism training with a parachurch organization as well as a specialized training for his focus group.

At that time he was rejected by his family and barred from returning to his native village.  But after much prayer, by the grace of God, the villagers eventually allowed his return with the stipulation that he would not share his faith.  Thus, from that time onward he began working in nearby villages, sharing the Gospel with others and a ministry was formed.  Taku first conducted a week long discipleship training program in 2000 with 12 young men who had come to the Lord.

From that humble beginning the work has continued to grow with 80 house churches and many evangelists expanding the ministry to 5 districts in Assam.  We have continued to participate in this work to provide training, conduct baptisms and offer encouragement and support to those engaged in this growing, but challenging ministry.

      There is an unprecedented movement of the Holy Spirit among this community.  Recently a prominent religious leader committed his life to Jesus and is having a great impact as he reaches out and discusses Scripture with other leaders.  It is crucial to uphold these believers in prayer for God’s continued grace, power and protection.  Please watch for upcoming projects for additional ways to offer tangible support.