June 18, 2018 Lebanon – INSAAF Center
Lebanon - INSAAF Center
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Abolishing Global Slavery Abolishing Global Slavery
GoalThis projects seeks to raise $70,000 annually to advocate for the rights of women brought to Lebanon as migrant domestic workers. Minister to those in prison, repatriate those unlawfully imprisoned and provide compassionate care and justice.
SummarySince 2013, through INSAAF, Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in Lebanon who have been marginalized and imprisoned are given hope, guidance and advocacy.
DescriptionINSAAF Justice and Compassion, led by International Ministries (IM) global servant Sarah Chetti, is one of the few organizations in Lebanon seeking to serve MDWs who originate from Asia and Africa. They are often exploited, discriminated and expected to work as "maids" under unreasonable conditions. MDWs laboring in Lebanon need physical strength, growth in their knowledge and care and compassion to uplift their spirit in otherwise dismal conditions. It is a widely known fact that this group is marginalized, discriminated against and abused (verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally). MDWs do not fall under the labor laws in Lebanon, so there is very little monitoring or enforcement of the Lebanese laws and regulations, or of international laws regarding labor and human rights. They are often imprisoned unjustly, and subjected to unfair trials. They have little support within the country and are often without coping mechanisms to help them deal with the difficult situations in which they find themselves in Lebanon. In response, International Ministries, in collaboration with INSAAF, is seeking support for funding an ongoing community center program that is one of the most innovative of its kind. Sarah has been working in Lebanon since 1998 and she has been an educator at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon. Read more
Suggested Gifts$1,800 will provide one month of legal assistance $6,000 per year will cover one instructor $9,600 per year will cover the cost of a social worker and office assistant for the center $27,737 per year will cover operations, rent and indirect program support