April 27, 2018 Mexico – School Uniforms and Books
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GoalThe goal of this project is to help 100 children in Mexico receive school uniforms and books.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $8,000 each year to help students with learning needs and disabilities to be prepared for school.
DescriptionThe barrio of Tijuana is filled with poverty, drugs, gangs and violence. Families struggle to buy the required uniforms and books to send their children to school. There is an even greater barrier of acceptance if they require learning assistance. Centro Pedagogico Didaque is a Baptist grade school ministry outreach of Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Tijuana, Mexico. Known as the "Special School," they provide a loving Christian environment where children of all abilities can feel safe and learn. For many student, this is the first time they experience acceptance and hope. Your gift can made a huge difference in providing a child an education and a different future. The challenges of special needs children are great and even further challenging when families are unable to equip their children with uniforms and books so they can learn.
Suggested Gifts$80 provides one child with a school uniform of pants or a skirt, shirt and a jacket, as well as the books needed for classes.
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