August 23, 2018 Nicaragua – Clinic Relief Fund
Nicaragua Clinic Relief Fund
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
GoalThis project seeks to help AMOS continue providing critical health care service through the Samaritan Clinic to over 6,000 vulnerable people living in the low-income community of Nejapa.
SummaryThis project aims to reduce health disparities for low-income families, helping to prevent, reduce and treat disease, promote good health behaviors and empower local leaders to foster community development.
DescriptionAt least 50% of the population in Nicaragua lives in conditions of extreme poverty (World Bank, 2017). The community of Negapa, where the AMOS Health & Hope campus is based, is located on the outskirts of the city of Managua, where the majority of the population makes less than $5/day. The funds raised through this project will pay for health care services, including primary care doctor visits, medications, health education and counseling through support groups for patients with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, youth and early childhood development workshops for new moms. Desired outcomes include: • Providing high-quality and affordable primary health services for low-income families. • Improving follow-up for chronic disease patients. • Decreasing morbidity and reducing complications in chronic disease patients. • Decreasing the percentage of adolescents engaging in risky behaviors (i.e., use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, unprotected sex, etc.). • Decreasing the rate of teen pregnancy. • Decreasing the percentage of children under 5 years old who show developmental delays. • Increasing the percentage of pregnant mothers who have 4 or more antenatal visits. • Increasing exclusive breastfeeding rates for infants during the first 6 months of life.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 will provide 100 patients with one free doctor's visit and medications. $500 will provide three pregnant moms with a complete pre-natal care package: an ultrasound per trimester, prenatal check ups, multivitamins, counseling, follow-up home visit, a Zika prevention kit and participation in our Pregnancy Support Group. $100 will cover transportation for our community health workers to help facilitate support groups for vulnerable people during one month, and do follow-up home visits to those in need.
Prayer RequestsPray for the resolution of conflict in Nicaragua. Pray for people suffering from chronic illnesses to follow treatment plans. Pray for the staff of AMOS. Pray for the pregnant moms and their babies to receive health care and support before and after their pregnancies.