July 11, 2019 Nicaragua – Parenting with Love
Parenting with Love
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Goal$541,622 in three years.
SummaryAmos Health and Hope seeks to raise $541,622 by June 2022 to develop a replicable and scalable program to empower local volunteer mothers to facilitate breastfeeding, parent-child bonding and early childhood stimulation in the communities, thereby decreasing the long-term impact of the current Nicaragua crisis on their children and families.
DescriptionIn conflict settings, pregnant women, mothers and children bear the brunt of morbidity and mortality, which result from mostly preventable causes that include: hemorrhages, obstructed labor, deliveries unattended by a skilled birth attendant, sepsis, and diarrhea and respiratory infections (Save the Children, 2014). Underlying social and economic factors in the current Nicaraguan context like the downturn of the economy, limited access to health centers and shortages or inadequacies of food, medications and personnel have turned once curable diagnoses for mothers and children into deadly ones. The combination of collective violence, economic downturn, family separation, uncertainty and fear that people are experiencing as a result of the ongoing crisis has serious implications for the overall health of the population, and therefore, for early childhood development. For mothers who are depressed or show depressive symptoms, there is a significant association with child growth impairments like low weight for age and stunting (Surkan et al.). AMOS Health and Hope seeks to develop a series of replicable and scalable training programs to empower local volunteer mothers to facilitate healing for moms, thereby decreasing the long-term impact of the crisis on their children. Volunteer mothers will be trained and provided materials to teach other mothers in their community about practices for successful breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life, complementary feeding practices and nutrition, maternal depression and early childhood development. Mothers will be taught skills to use items they have in their own homes to play with and stimulate their children newborn to 5 years. A large body of evidence suggests that community health workers (CHWs) can implement preventative interventions across a broad variety of health themes (Jennings, 2017). This intervention will combine CHWs, community care groups, and targeted curriculum to address the current health and development needs of mothers and children while continuing to strengthen the community health system. Addressing the problem Parenting with Love will unfold in three distinct phases over three and half years: Research into action; Piloting the Parenting with Love Program and Expanding the Parenting with Love program.
Suggested GiftsAll gifts are meaningful and appreciated! $10,000 will develop materials and training for volunteer mothers and staff for monitoring and evaluation. $5,000 will provide educational materials and supplies for volunteer mother leaders and small groups. $1,000 will provide early childhood development kits for mothers.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the end of violence in Nicaragua. Please pray for the staff of AMOS Health and Hope that they may continue to serve in areas that other health organizations have left due to the violence. Please pray for the Parenting with Love program that it gets the funding needed to launch, maintain and grow this program that will serve mothers and children through a volunteer network. Please pray that volunteer mothers will come forward with gifts of compassion and care and hearts for Jesus.