November 6, 2017 Philippines – Christian School Building
Philippines - Christian School Building
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GoalInternational Ministries wants to purchase construction supplies for a new school building so that the Antique Christian Center Inc. can continue to expand its programs.
SummaryThe Antique Christian Center Inc. school is growing fast, and it needs a new building with space for 500 preschool through elementary students. This project will support the purchase of construction supplies.
DescriptionThe Antique Christian Center Inc. (ACCI) started as a kindergarten class in the San Jose Evangelical Church in the 1950s, and it has grown into a place that promotes social services and spiritual transformation among thousands of children and their families. The increasing demand for quality Christian education means that ACCI is fast outgrowing its facilities. On top of that, it has expanded its preschool program to include elementary grades. To accommodate 500 new students, ACCI needs to build three-story building with classrooms, restrooms, a clinic, a library and a laboratory.
Suggested Gifts$50 buys 16 liters of paint $250 buys 14 steel bars $500 buys 83 bags of cement
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with the ACCI staff and board that funding for this project will enable them to begin construction soon.