Planned Giving
Wills and beneficiary designations

One of the ways to further the work of global mission is by making a gift through your will or trust. Another is through a beneficiary designation of your IRA, insurance policy or the remaining balance of a bank account. These are some of the simplest ways to provide for the future of the ministries that you support today.

How to make a charitable gift in your will

Sample will language for your attorney (download)

Gifts that produce life-income - Charitable Gift Annuities

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES produce fixed payments for life for yourself and, optionally, another person. These can provide reliable protection against inflation while also supporting the work of IM in future years. Rates are based on your age. You can establish a charitable gift annuity to benefit the work of International Ministries through a written agreement administered by the American Baptist Foundation.

Learn more, including sample rates (download)

In honor of IM annuitants (download)

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS allow you and your family to receive investment income and make a gift of the remainder to IM.

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUSTS enable you to make a gift of investment income first for a fixed number of years, after which the principal amount reverts to you or your loved ones.

The Federal Tax ID number for International Ministries, registered as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, is 13-5563392.