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Pray for Annie and Jeff Dieselberg reaching victims of human trafficking in Bangkok, Thailand

October 5, 2011

Annie and Jeff serve in Bangkok, Thailand, at NightLight, an international organization committed to addressing the complex at issues surrounding trafficking and prostitution by catalyzing individual and community transformation. NightLight's vision is to offer intervention to sexually exploited women and children, to enable them to discover their dignity, and to provide a program of holistic transformation, empowering them to live and work in their community.

Annie writes: September has been said to be the month of transition. It has been a year of pruning and of depending on God in faith and patience. I am eagerly anticipating the blessings and new adventures that God has in store for us as we enter a new season. We are ready for some new beginnings! Thank you for your faithfulness and we invite you to continue with us in this journey. We are greatly encouraged by your responses, prayers, and support. The women at NightLight are daily reminders of God’s love and mercy poured out as a result of your prayers and support.

Projects: We have begun making Saa paper flowers to provide more opportunities for income. The women really enjoy making these and so far have produced beautiful sunflowers, frangipani, lilies, and Christmas poinsettias. The outreach center in the red light area is coming along slowly but surely. There have been continuous obstacles but we are seeing progress and getting excited as it begins to go from vision to reality. Yesterday we received a design template of the coffee shop and are very excited.
Generosity Through Sacrifice:
Things have been tough financially but God is faithful to provide. After sending out a request for funds we were really blessed by the sacrificial gift one woman made of $7000. Knowing her situation, we know the gift was a sacrifice given in love. We were also really blessed by several who gave $5 each because they understood that God can multiply $5 and no amount is too small to make a difference. We are grateful for each and every gift given in obedience and out of passion for this work.
Prayer Points:

·        NightLight’s church, Song Sawang, will be having its annual retreat October 7-9. Please pray as we continue the theme “Living in Freedom.” Ten will be baptized including 6 men who have come to the church through NightLight women. I, (Annie) will be speaking and would appreciate prayers.

·        A Christian Thai TV program called “From Heart to Heart”, aired two segments on sexual exploitation this month. These programs air at 1:30am Thai time to reach an audience of marginalized people. Annie was interviewed for this program. Pray that those who hear will be both convicted and given hope that there is a way out and a God who can rescue them.

·        We are helping a young toddler whose mother died of AIDS a month ago. Her father has tested positive and is unable to care appropriately for his daughter. Please pray that we can get her into the best and right place for her to grow in love and wholeness.

·        The Uzbek trafficking case is still an issue for prayer. It hasn’t been dropped and is still under investigation. The trafficking agent appears to have jumped bail and fled the country but there are still controllers and there will be attempts to have her returned to face charges in court.

·        N-tJng went back to the streets the day she returned from alcohol rehabilitation. She quotes scripture and shares the gospel in the bars even when drunk but feels she has failed and isn’t ready to go through the struggle of withdrawal again just yet. Please remember her in prayer.

·        Work on the Outreach Center in the red light area is progressing in spite of many obstacles. We now have designs for the coffee shop but need $15,000 more to complete as well as capital for equipment, staffing and operations. We believe in its potential for impact and know that it will be a light in a dark place.