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Stories from Grand Goave, Haiti - Kevin Dennis

March 31, 2010 Journal
This is the testimony of Kevin Dennis, a member of the Ohio mission team that visited Grand Goave:

I was blessed beyond measure by our Vinton Baptist Church mission trip to Haiti.  We were led by Harry Rittenhouse.

All my senses were jarred when we got off the plane in Haiti and pushed our way through a crowd of would be baggage handlers.  They fought to push the baggage carts over a broken stone and dirt road to load them into the back of a flatbed truck.

The sights . . . people in the streets, the wreckage of cement and rock homes destroyed by the earthquake, the majestic mountains in the background.  The smells . . . open pots cooking over charcoal fires, blocks and blocks of open air produce, diesel smoke from trucks, and the ever present dust and blowing dirt.

Our missions work was an awesome team effort.  Everyone rose to the challenge under the leadership of Harry, Herb, and Scott.   We had a great team . . . 3 nurses who kept the team healthy and workers from a variety of other backgrounds who stepped up time and again to meet the challenge of digging through stone and dirt to help build the foundation for a new school.

And then, the people . . . they were the reason we were there.  Every Haitian we spoke to responded with a wide, white-toothed smile.  We developed great friendships in the week were there.

I made a special friend who was about the same age as my grandson.  His name was the same as mine, Kevin.

When I worshipped with the other members of our group who led the “Junior Church”, Kevin stuck by my side.  He helped me when I was working.  

There was one act of kindness that I will never forget.  Kevin sang a song and was awarded two pieces of candy.  He insisted I take one and would not stop until I did.

He gave out of his need.  He gave out of his poverty.  He gave out of love.

What a lesson!  What a people!  What and experience!