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New WMO video looks at a ministry for deaf children in NE India

September 30, 2011 News

To view the new World Mission Offering video go to  and scroll down
"Before the Deaf Biblical Ministry, deaf children in N.E. India did not attend school. And even deaf children from Christian homes did not receive the gift of the Gospel because they had no way to communicate," commented Rev. Yanger Walling, Baptist founder of the Deaf Biblical Ministry in N.E. India. Click on this link for the video about this school started by American Baptists in 1987 (3:36).  You'll see how deaf children now learn American sign language and about Christ's love for them.

This video and four others can be downloaded from the website and shown in your church.  They are also available on the WMO DVD that your church received in the mail in July. If you have not received the mailing you can still get a free packet. Please call Tammy at 1-800-4JUDSON.  Many of the print materials are also available by download on the website.
CHECK IT OUT… 175 years ago American Baptists brought Christianity to NE India through the work of both American missionaries and national Christians.  Look inside the Leader’s Guide you received or on the website for the timeline that shows you how this major evangelistic movement evolved.  This flyer is great for posting in your church and/or using in an educational setting.
Thank you for your gifts to the World Mission Offering that help support ministries in N.E. India and others around the world.