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Harvest Time

June 18, 2012 Journal
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Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation (IMEMF)

Prayer and Praise for June, 2012


I thought that with many gardens and fields being planted right now in America with the hope of a fall harvest, this would be a good time to share pictures of our recent harvest of rice and fruits.  We love having our land, and being able to grow rice, and pick our own bananas, and eat fish from our pond.  We never get over the joy of having our own place to call home—and everyone at the House of Love gives thanks to God continually for this miracle and gives thanks for the churches and people who made it possible.  Enjoy the pictures—and if you come visit, we will make sure you have the chance to taste firsthand the fruits of our labors!


Praise and Prayer Points:

·         Nearly all our students from the House of Love (HOL), the House of Blessing (HOB) and the children who study at the Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD) are back in school—thank you for praying for good starts for everyone.  Please be in prayer for 2 of our vocational students and our 3 university students when they go back to school soon.

·         The House of Blessing (HOB) has increased the student population to nearly 50.  Please keep our daycare teachers in prayer for strength as they minister to this lively group of preschoolers! 

·         A praise to share—one of the HOL girls is doing home studies this year, with a chance to do vocational training, so she has been helping at the HOB, and is a tremendous blessing to both the teachers and the children.  I love seeing her interact—but at times, she is lonely for her classmates.  I invite your prayers for Oy to be growing spiritually in this season of change and opportunity.

·         Another praise to share—we have a new building at the CDPD—a simple one constructed to house laundry facilities (for vocational training purposes) and a workshop for building the special needs equipment we need for our clients.

·         Please pray for the CDPD staff as they visit villages during this rainy season.  Travel is always a challenge to some of these remote places, but the muddy roads adds an extra layer of trials.  We appreciate your prayers for safety and good humor!

·         We have welcomed three new children at the House of Love—two are 10 and are deaf, and this will be the first time they have gone to school.  Our house mothers and the older deaf kids are already working with both Guide and Nuay, and they are bright and quick to pick up new ideas.  We are hoping they will soon be accepted at the deaf school so their learning can be enhanced.  And please be praying for new sponsors to come alongside each of these children, too.

Daily I find myself seeking God’s wisdom in how to parent all of our children and provide godly leadership to our staff.  Your ministry of prayer and financial support is key in my life.  Thank you.