International Ministries


June 20, 2012 Journal
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Our Kids

Many of you have been a part of our lives since we were commissioned as American Baptist missionaries in August 1999.  At that time, our sons Ian and Aaron were 7 and 5 years old.  They grew up in Mexico, and are now venturing away from us into new adventures with God.  This past year Aaron spent his senior year attending Coronado High School in Scottsdale, AZ.  He lived with a family from one of our supporting churches, learning to adjust to a new family system and also having 2 sisters instead of a brother!  He graduated last month in the top 5% of his class, and will attend Eastern University in St. David’s, PA this fall to pursue youth ministry.  Ian just completed his third year at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX where he has been studying Mechanical Engineering.  This summer he is an intern at a John Deere facility in North Carolina where he is putting his engineering skills into practice.  Thank you for your faithful prayers on behalf of our children, and all the other missionary kids that live around the world.

Principe de Paz

The second Baptist church of La Paz, Principe de Paz (Prince of Peace), celebrated her 26th anniversary this past Saturday evening.  Pastor Rafael Loera and his wife Ana moved to La Paz last August with their 3 children after Rafael was deported from the United States.  They came to La Paz because of connections through an ABC church in KS that had connections with us!  This last year has been a huge struggle for them as they have adjusted to finding jobs and housing, and exploring school options for their children (who were not fully bi-lingual).  Several months ago, Principe de Paz hired Rafael as their co-pastor along with long-time deacon Francisco Leyva.   The service opened with 6 baptisms, 3 men and 3 women, who began attending the church through cell groups.  What a joy to see how God’s Spirit is moving in people’s hearts, and how their decisions to accept Jesus are reviving this tiny church!  Please continue to pray for the Loera family and their ministry at Principe de Paz.

Arthur Henry

For those of you who have had the privilege of coming on a mission trip to La Paz, then you most likely stayed at Casabuena and met the Sanders family.  Arthur is Milton & Susu’s adopted three-year-old son.  Arthur was born with physical and mental challenges.  His basic motor skills were delayed, and he is still not talking.  However, this past year, through weekly therapy and special corrective shoes and braces, Arthur began to fast crawl and then walk holding on to people’s hands.  And then, just this past week, he began to walk ALL BY HIMSELF!  Always with a bright smile and eyes that sparkle, this little boy is a power package of joy!  His father, mother and big sister have loved him from the day he was born and have never treated him as less than normal.  Their love, especially Susu’s amazing mother love and dedication, remind me how God never treats me as “less than.”  I am his beloved child, adopted into his family through the blood of Jesus.  Arthur inspires me and all who meet him to embrace life more fully!

Presidential Elections

July 1 is election day for a new president in Mexico.  These elections happen every six years.  Please pray for peace and order on this momentous day.  Mexico has experienced so much violence in the last several years due to the drug cartels.  Electing a leader who is just, wise, and has integrity is on the hearts of all the people.

In Christ’s Love, from La Paz,
David and Joyce Reed