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Did you know Pastors only work 1 day a week?!?--and other tidbits from the Rice MPT Dream Team

November 6, 2013 Journal
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12 close friends scrunched around our dining room table as Ruthie Stevenson, International Ministries' MPT (missionary partnership team) Coordinator began introductions.  Although these are our close friends, we had a great time getting to know one another better.  Each one interviewed another team member that they didn't know well and then reported back to the group collectively.  One of the questions asked how people got interested in missions....answers ranged from being a child sponsor when she was 12 years old, having one's own daughter sign them up for a missions trip to Central America, an inner city missions experience as a youth, seeing a missions "infomercial" as a young teen.  What interesting ways God draws people into his heart for the Nations!  One team member related in kindergarten he saw a picture of a missionary doctor and thought that was what he would like to be.....since pastor's only work one day a week (!), he could be a doctor on the other days of the week.  Gotta love kindergarten logic!!

This group of friends, so highly skilled in a variety of areas, have said "yes" to the call to walk with us on this lap of the journey to Congo.  I bet Daniel Teater didn't realize the first thing he would be called on to do was move a stove for us!  Who knows what other interesting tasks will come up, but we are so blessed to have these people committed to doing what it takes to make this adventure possible.  I would say "it takes a village", but really it takes the Body of Christ working together to see His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.