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What I Hardly Dared to Believe has Happened!

November 18, 2013 Journal
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        Tim came home from St. Louis University where he works, " I think I should ask to retain full benefits"  I looked at him in disbelief.  What audacity!  Although SLU had agreed for him to transition to a 10% faculty position, I could hardly believe they would be open to continuing his health insurance, retirement, and free college tuition for our two girls.  The SLU tuition alone would amount to at least $252,000 over the next several years at the current rate of $36,000/student per year.  My faith was so weak I didn't even think he should suggest it.  But he did.

Fast forward several weeks..... we received word that the request was not going to be granted.  Tim told me the following morning that he felt impressed with Luke 11:9....Ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking...  and that he should pursue the proposal further.  Again, I was amazed at Tim's boldness, and hoped he wouldn't jeopardize the agreement we did have.  A couple of days later, the results came back.  SUCCESS!  SLU found a way to structure the position that would allow them to provide the full-time benefits.  An amazing miracle!  In one bold stroke, SLU erased $3,000 off our monthly amount to raise, plus the free college tuition benefit!  We serve an Almighty God who knows and cares for His children.  That still leaves a chunk in monthly support to raise--don't you want to be a part of that miracle?!?