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Fundraising: the Trilogy

January 14, 2014 Journal
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After completing an amazing Phase 1 we are embarking on Phase 2. We already have $230/month pledged towards the $2500 Phase 2 goal. Join us at  We'd love to set up a time to meet with you or your church.  Contact us at 314-367-6310 or


Phase 1: the Beginning In which the Rice's are endorsed and begin fundraising among family and friends and send out a zillion Christmas letters. And pray. COMPLETED! $2600/mon raised!!

Phase 2: the Sequel In which the Rice's expand their horizons to add people and churches they have never even met before and begin putting miles on their car. And pray.  This is where we are now!

Phase 3: To the Finish Line...and Beyond In which the Rice's think of every possible way to reach their funding goal, close their house down, sell off stuff, pack bags, and Head. To. Language. School. And pray.

We are SO thankful for the 33 people who have joined our team to strengthen the medical and nursing education in Vanga, DRC. Together, we invite you to also join the team in praying and financially donating at Our Phase 2 goal is $2500/mon in new pledges by March 31!  Please pray as we share God's work with people that we will be able to communicate with clarity and many will want to participate with the exciting things God is doing in Vanga, Democratic Republic of Congo.