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Top Ten (OK, maybe Eleven) Reasons to Give to the Work in Vanga

January 27, 2014 Journal
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Top Ten (Ok, Maybe Eleven) Reasons to Give to the Work in Vanga

1. You will be an active part of the exciting things God is doing in Vanga, DRC.

2. You want to see more children live past their 5th birthday.

3. You want to make a difference and think education is important, especially teaching others who can then teach others, who can then....

4. You believe we cannot neglect the next generation.

5. You are the next generation.

6. You have been on missions trips to Congo (a.k.a. Zaire) or Africa.

7. You are a doctor, medical resident, nurse, medical student, nursing student, respiratory therapist, physical therapist, phlebotomist, nurse's aide, x-ray tech, retired health person, soon-to-be health person, etc. ...and want to support health professionals in another country.

8. You want to be the hands and feet of Jesus....but are afraid of flying. (Hint: Talk to your pastor about local ministry opportunities)

9. You have excess money you want to give away.

10. You don't have excess money, but you believe sacrifice is one of the things we are called to.

11. You think this is what God wants you to do.

Here's how: or "target" some of your missions giving to the Rices.