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Pastor Jerry and the 30-year-old letter opener

March 22, 2014 Journal
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“Let me show you something,” Pastor Jerry said, leading us over to his desk. He pulled out a six inch long brass letter opener with the iconic Sri Lankan lion on one end. “You gave me this letter opener after your missions trip to Sri Lanka in 1985. I still use it to this day!”

Tim, Nancy and I (Kathy) were visiting Pastor Jerry Beebe for the first time in 30 years. He had been the associate pastor at my Dad's church in The Dalles, OR, when I was just out of nursing school. It was Jerry's first job in the ministry, and Jerry felt my dad, Pastor Ron Keyser, had a formative impact on his pastoral ministry and heart for missions . Now with a few more wrinkles and a few extra pounds (at least for Tim and me), we were getting together to catch up and share the vision of the medical education ministry God's is calling us to in Vanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Together we swapped stories of God's grace and faithfulness through the years, “gossiping the Gospel”as we call it. Jerry, with his family, has been the head pastor of a thriving church in Wenatchee, WA for 28 years; we have been involved in urban ministry in St. Louis, MO. Now we are transitioning to the mission field and stand amazed at God's timing and coordination of all the details. At the conclusion of our time together, Jerry told us his church would like to partner with us financially on a monthly basis. He choked up as he expressed the joy of being able to partner with us, the daughter of his pastoral mentor, in some way a fitting tribute to honor my dad.

We extend the invitation to you, as well, to partner with us financially.