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The Big Transition

October 22, 2014 Journal
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2014 All Staff Gathering and Mission Conference
     What a fantastic time this past July as gathered with our new colleagues for a time of spiritual and relational refreshing.  We met new friends, as well as experienced and new missionaries, and shared our story of God's sending us to Congo with tons of people.  What a blessed time!  Our daughter, Nancy, was able to meet other MKs (missionary kids) and as a new missionary kid, she was glad to feel connected to the MK community.
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Commissioning service

     Barry Henning led New City Fellowship in St. Louis in commissioning us for our work in DR Congo.  New City Fellowship, our sending church, was joined by Reg Mills and Jim Bell from International Ministries, our partner agency in the work in Congo.  This is a link to the audio if you would like to hear the service.  Pastor Barry reminded us that we ALL are on mission in the Kingdom of God.   

Saying goodbye 
     If you have been loved well by your friends and if you love your friends deeply, saying goodbye is painful.  This was our experience as we prepared to leave St. Louis.  We had several events hanging out with folk and enjoying our last visits. 

Packing, Packing and Packing
     Have you ever had to pack for a move across town or across the country?  Add to that the stress of packing to move to two completely different continents--anticipating the needs and trying to remember all the details of what things are needed for each location.  We packed our warm clothes and French lessons for our time in France, and we packed our hot weather clothes and medical supplies for our move to Congo.    

4,664 miles to Albertville France
   At our flight check-in, we checked 7 large footlockers and had one carry-on and a small personal item each (well, we really had 2 carry-on items filled to capacity).  When we arrived at the gate, the gate agent requested that anyone with a large carry on bag to  check it through to their destination, for no charge.  This lightened our load substantially and made getting on and off the plane and trudging through the airports much easier. 

Financial Update
     Praise God that prior to our departure we have received pledges for all of our budgeted monthly support needs.  We are still about $13,000 short on our one-time expenses but we are praying that these funds will come in over the next few months so we can order the Solar Power system we are waiting to ship to DR Congo.  
Thanks for your continued support and prayers. We promise more details in our upcoming newsletters. 
Kathy and Tim