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Tim is home for 2 weeks!!! (Our new Congo home that is.)

May 2, 2015 Journal
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I (Tim) am writing this post from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I just arrived here for a 2 week visit for administrative meetings and to finalize the plans for the arrival of our full team in Congo July 14th. 

Here are some of my thoughts...

          I am so excited to be on the homeward stretch of our long move to Congo.  A long time ago both Kathy and I felt the call of God to be medical missionaries.  Actually, for me it was about 40 years ago, but for Kathy it can't be that long since she looks so young.  God led us into the inner city of St. Louis for many years, and it was not until our first visit to Vanga July 2012 that Kathy and I realized that Vanga was the place God had been preparing us for during those many years.  During our long preparation we learned the importance of training others instead of just doing the medical work ourselves.  We also learned lessons on how to work as a team and to not believe that we must solve all the problems we are confronted with. 

         First impressions of this short visit to Congo. Congo is now home!!! Very exciting reality that will be true for the next 2 weeks and then on July 14th, when we all come back, it will be a done deal. Still bad traffic but roads are even nicer. The power went out for a short 2 minutes here (much less time without power then our most recent power outage in our apartment in France). It is hot. Getting through the airport went very smoothly. Jeffery Travels is worth the cost to have them pick up my luggage in a crazy, chaotic baggage claim in Kinshasa and bring me to MPH, the missionary hostel. It is hot here.(did I say that already!) Thankful for A/C at MPH were I am staying for the first two nights in DRC.  Enjoying the fact that I pay $10 less per night for our lodging now as MPH considers us Congo "residents"!!! 

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