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Holy Land Tour...and it's not where you think

August 30, 2015 Journal
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"Walk Where Jesus Walked," proclaims the advertisement for the Holy Land Tour. “An experience the believer can never forget.” But I have a secret for you, I can give you a much more authentic opportunity. 

6 weeks ago, Tim and I moved to Vanga, Democratic Republic of Congo, to teach the next generation of doctors and nurses at Vanga Evangelical Hospital. One of the things that strikes me is that we are much closer to the conditions at the time of Jesus here. When I come in from walking around the dirt roads of Vanga, I appreciate in a new way how necessary it was for someone to wash Jesus’ feet. The other day I saw a solitary woman at the water pump with her 3 gallon barrel, and I was reminded of the woman at the well.  Across the river, the fisherman are mending their nets. The open-air village market here must be pretty close to what Mary and Martha were used to in Biblical times. 

Here the church is at the social center of life and yet often it can seem more form than substance, just as in the days of Jesus. And I see so many people and situations that need the loving, healing, saving power of Jesus to touch their lives. What a privilege it is to share the Good News of the gospel! What a privilege to work with the dedicated men and women serving here. Please pray that we will be able to communicate more effectively in French. Our language school French only gets us so far….but at least it isn’t Greek or Hebrew!  As a friend reminded me, "Holy Land is anywhere we experience Jesus".

 Kathy Rice, RN,MS Medical Missionary at Vanga, DRC