July 2, 2018 Rwanda – Sewing Machines, Stitch by Stitch
Rwanda - Sewing Machines, Stitch by Stitch
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GoalThis project seeks to raise $16,800 to buy sewing machines and fabric and to provide sewing training for 200 women in Rwanda.
SummaryThis project will provide women with the necessary skills to become economically independent and create a foundation for a future of sustainable growth.
DescriptionLocated in central Africa, Rwanda is a country of 12 million whose past has been plagued by ethnic genocide. Due to this, women have had to take on the traditionally male role as of head of the household. Seira Community Church seeks to empower women who have taken on this responsibility by equipping them with vocational training in the skill of sewing. Last year, 38 women were trained to sew and this project seeks to increase that number to 200. The women also enjoy fellowship and help each other develop spiritually. This project will be managed by the staff of the Seira Community Church of Rwanda in partnership with International Ministries. It is anticipated that this project will help the women of Rwanda be the catalyst for change and economic development in their communities.
Suggested Gifts$420 buys a semi-automatic sewing machine for a training center $263 buys initial fabrics and materials for a student $158 buys a small sewing machine for a training center