October 3, 2018 South Africa – Poultry and Protein
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GoalThe goal of this project is to train and equip people in South Africa who are living in poverty to breed chickens for food and income.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $34,500 annually to build on a successful, self-sustaining agricultural program in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa.
DescriptionNutrition, food security, self-employment and health promotion are urgent needs in South Africa today where unemployment is 65% and HIV is prevalent. This crisis of health and unemployment can be curtailed by sustainable self-employment. In 2012, missionary Drs. Anita and Rick Gutierrez launched a new program to help South Africans start their own small poultry farms. This entry-level agricultural activity is within reach of most people in most places, from young people in rural tribal areas to older adults in dense cities; they need only an investment of supplies and training to get started. The Gutierrezes developed a fully integrated system of poultry housing, feeding and watering technologies, incubation technologies and hygienic storage techniques. The goal was to create a self-sustaining, reproducible agricultural system that, after a few months of stability, does not require further outside inputs. Success can mean an average income boost of $200 per month. To date, this successful program has served around 150 people. Each participant receives a 200-foot-square, 16-foot-diameter geodesic dome, a basic housing unit for laying chickens, in addition to two incubators, two quail starter kits, mature layer hens and roosters, quail hens and cock birds, feed for two months, antibiotics and instructional materials. Participants are trained and supervised as they raise poultry, incubate and hatch eggs, brood and raise fowls and quails, grow Chaya plants to produce feed and develop local markets for their produce. This mission project seeks to advance the poultry program through these key goals: 1. Continued training in sustainable production of quality layer chickens, Goliath quail and eggs. 2. Further improvements to poultry system design, training and video resources for participants as well as the broader public. 3. Integration with the Gutierrezes’ fruit tree grafting and perma-culture initiative as funding becomes available. 4. Quality of life improvements for 500 children, 500 youths and 100 adults living in poverty in the province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides 330 lbs of layer chicken feed. $100 provides two forced air incubators for 60 chicken eggs each. $250 provides 12 laying hens with two roosters. $500 provides one complete 16-foot geodesic dome chicken coop.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the continued success of this project so that more people may be relieved of the burden of poverty. Please pray for reduction in the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Please pray for the children to get the nutrition they need to thrive, learn and grow.