October 4, 2017 STEP – Africa, Children of Peace
STEP - Children of Peace
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Peace and Justice Peace and Justice
Education Education
GoalIM seeks to raise $19,635 to cover tuition fees and school supplies for 524 children in Burundi, the D.R. Congo and Zimbabwe
SummaryIn Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe, children impacted by war and conflict have very little access to education. Through the Student Tuition Expense Program, your gift can give them the opportunity to attend school by covering the cost of tuition and school supplies.
DescriptionBURUNDI: Burundi is an East African country ranked as among the poorest in the world. The country is torn by decades of war and violence, leaving many orphans and vulnerable children. The focus of this project in Burundi will be 60 former street children and orphans from Buterere zone in Bujumbura who do not have opportunities to go to school. The project will help to reduce the number of street children and contribute in the development of the country. Conflict transformation trainings which will be offered to children to help them reintegrate well their families and the community. $1621.50 is needed for Burundi to help 60 children DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Access to education is limited and in some place non-existent because of war and the destruction of education infrastructure. Many families and children have been displaced, are orphaned, live in poverty and lack educational opportunities. The Association Community Action for Integrated and Development (ACODIF) works with the children of the Fizi Territory to school fees and supplies. Without this aid, children resort to banditry and are targeted for military recruitment to become soldiers. Through conflict transformation education, all the children in the project will have the tools at hand to prevent future conflict and violence in DR Congo. $8,372 is needed for the Congo to help 364 children ZIMBABWE: This project promotes sustainable psycho-social and educational wellbeing for 100 children in Zimbabwe. The high poverty rate, especially in rural areas, prohibits many children from attending school because they cannot afford to buy uniforms and supplies. We will train 20 Community Focal Persons who will be responsible for monitoring intake and child progress. $9,640.80 is needed for Zimbabwe to help 100 children This project is managed by the Rev. Sharon Buttry, IM global consultant for Conflict Transformation and Community Development, in conjunction with Lance Muteyo, coordinator of the Pan African Peace Network.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides one year of tuition for two children in the D.R. Congo. $100 provides one year’s tuition for a middle school student in Zimbabwe. $250 provides book bags for 40 children in Burundi. $500 provides conflict transformation training for 40 children in Burundi.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Sharon Buttry and Lance Muteyo for God’s peace to reign in the DR Congo and Burundi and for refugees in Zimbabwe. Pray that all children will know the Prince of Peace and that the power of Christ will transform their communities.