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| Comfort, O Comfort My People

“Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to them.” To the exiles, it is the promise of their return home. But it is not only the promise of what God will do—it is spoken in the imperative, indicating what God’s people must do.

Bangladesh - Help Children in Poverty | Bangladesh – Help Children in Poverty

This project seeks to raise $8,085 to help communities in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, by helping families to provide their children with a good education, promoting health and well-being, offering literacy classes and providing training in micro-businesses and saving money.

| Bangladesh – Safe Birthing

IM, in partnership with Symbiosis, will deliver a range of maternal and child health services, including antenatal and postnatal care and a safe birthing facility.

| Bangladesh – Seminars for Symbiosis

International Ministries, in partnership with Symbiosis Bangladesh, is investing in leadership development for Symbiosis staff.