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| Friday Introductions – Ty Garrison
| Hope Unlimited for Children, Giving Tuesday Reminder
Corenne & Phil Smith | Pray for Corenne and Philip Smith ministering to street children in Brazil.

Corenne and Philip Smith are serving as global servants in Brazil. They work alongside of the National Baptist Convention of Brazil ministering to children who have been rescued off of the streets.

Latin America – MTS Scholarships in Latino/a Ministries | Latin America – MTS Scholarships in Latino/a Ministries

This project seeks to raise $75,000 per semester to provide scholarships for Latino/a students.

| Signs of Renewal

Spring, the season of renewal and new life, has nearly sprung south of the equator — the pohutukawa, camellias, and bougainvillea are starting to bloom, painting a canvas of color on every street.

| Hope Unlimited Graduate Natali Brings Hope to Others

It is always so gratifying to meet members of Hope Unlimited’s graduate alumni, see how well they are doing, and hear them express their gratitude for what Hope did for them, as they proudly share their accomplishments.