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| Distant but together in ministry

As professor and campus pastor at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) in Costa Rica, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought me new challenges.

| Distantes pero juntos en el ministerio

Como profesora y pastora de estudiantes de la UBL, este tiempo de pandemia por el Covid-19, me ha permitido vivir nuevas experiencias. Una de ellas y muy significativa, es el acompañamiento pastoral.

| Tiempos difíciles

En forma muy breve, les comparto la situación en Costa Rica.

Roberto leading the youth in an activity. | God Working in the Hearts of Youth

The youth dove into scripture in a bilingual setting, worked on service projects together, participated in team building activities, worshiped God bilingually, and explored and experienced Costa Rican culture and beauty together. 

| Building Relationships with & through Youth

A special short-term mission opportunity took place in July 2019, where cross-cultural relationships were built between youth living in the Central Region in the US and youth living in Costa Rica.

| Discovery Trip to Costa Rica

A short-term discovery trip to Costa Rica in October 2019 will be led by Rev. John Grisham. Interested to know more?