Tag: discovery trip
| A Blessed Virtual Visit to La Romana

A unique opportunity to experience ministry in The Dominican Republic with Rev. Ketly & Vital Pierre.

| Hands Around The World

The Hands Around The World 2019 team started their journey in Australia and ended in Bangladesh. Three women who navigated cultures, customs, languages and the blessings of partnerships.

| Discovery Trip to Thailand

The focus of this Discovery trip will be on education in Thailand. Participants will gain a greater understanding of Thailand’s culture, history and christian schools.

| The Windows

God opened my eyes, ears and heart to what is along the many canals, beautiful facades and historical buildings in Amsterdam.

| Tulips & Trafficking, 2018 Discovery Trip

Learning about the issues of human trafficking and prostitution took one member of the team from the comfort of her home in Fargo(ND) to the streets of Amsterdam and Haarlem (The Netherlands).