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| Pray for Terry and Tom Myers assisting Christians in Bulgaria to meet the needs of the people and to reach them for Christ.

Terry and Tom help the Baptist Union of Bulgaria give holistic expression of the gospel.

| Intense Weeks

February was full of intense weeks of preparation for hosting a short-term mission team and preparing to teach a week-long intensive in Mexicali, Mexico for the Spiritual Formation course. God’s hand of provision was seen throughout these intense weeks.

| A Language Learning Adventure

Language learning adventures can remind us of God’s love. Jesus shows us love and gives us life in the best possible way.

| Thank you! We did it together (:
Chile - Girls' Clubs | Chile – Girls’ Clubs

This project helps girls ages 8-12 in some of Chile’s poorest communities by providing spiritual, social and academic support.

Europe, the Middle East and Asia - Church Planting | Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia – Church Planting

This project assists indigenous leaders in starting new Baptist churches in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Central Asia.