Tag: Evangelism
Chile - Girls' Clubs | Chile – Girls’ Clubs

This project helps girls ages 8-12 in some of Chile’s poorest communities by providing spiritual, social and academic support.

Europe, the Middle East and Asia - Church Planting | Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia – Church Planting

This project assists indigenous leaders in starting new Baptist churches in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Central Asia.

India - Seminars to Reignite and Restore | India – Seminars to Reignite and Restore

This project will provide seminars in pastoral care and evangelism that will help leaders to grow the church in India.

India - House Churches | South Asia – House Churches

The purpose of this project is to enable Neighborhood Ministries to establish house churches on the borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan, provide Bibles to new believers and train volunteer leaders.

| Middle East and North Africa – Enduring Love

Enduring Love is raising up Arab Christian leaders to bring God’s message of hope and love through a variety of community-based programs.

Joyful diversity of God’s family at the APBF meetings | “Global mission is not just for the West”

We were part of an amazing gathering of Christian sisters and brothers in Indonesia! If one phrase could capture the message of the events we attended, it would be this: global mission is no longer just for the West.