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| Serving on Short-Term Missions

Short-Term missions have been part of International Ministries for over fifty years. The STM office follows and upholds the guidelines set by the Standard of Excellence. It is a code of best practice for short-term mission sending agencies put together by SOE, Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission accreditation agency (www.soe.org) If you would like to serve alongside our long-term global servants, the STM team is here to facilitate the process.

| A New Calling

I have recently been reassigned to serve as IM’s Global Coordinator for Education. In this newly created global servant role, my ministry will focus on identifying, reporting, networking, encouraging, and resourcing ministries of education for IM global servants and partners.

| What To Pack?

A letter filled with wisdom and humor, from Bernice & Herb Rogers to new global servants; from “trunks” to “suitcases,” from “gramophones to CD players.” An encouragement to be the human beings God has called servants to be.

| STEP – General

Children all over the world are in need of supplies so that they can attend school. The Student Tuition Expense Program helps with expenses such as books, tuition, recreational and sports equipment, transportation, uniforms, healthy lunches and snacks, stipends for teachers and classroom supplies.

| White Cross – Global Health

This White Cross project seeks to raise $286,000 to provide medical supplies and equipment for all of our medical centers and Christian centers around the world. These materials will be used to heal those who are not able to care for themselves and need medical attention.

| White Cross – Global General Fund

White Cross seeks to raise $336,000 to provide supplies for health, education and social programs through International Ministries (IM) missionaries and partners. The goal is to help meet the needs of people around the world and let them know that they are cared for by God and American Baptists.